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To make the right trades, you need the right tools. Our premium dashboard was developed to meet the needs of every investor and was designed to allow you to conveniently navigate and personalize your dashboard.

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You work hard for your money.  Now take the next step and let us help you invest it.  There are over 300 stocks in the cannabis industry.  Techncial420 helps you narrow in on the best investments and offers up-to-date investment and trading insight.

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Our comprehensive research reports give you all the information you need to know about a company before investing! Access these reports through our store.  Better yet, become a member and receive them all free, today!

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These best-in-class features will provide you with the knowledge you need to be an educated investor.

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What people are saying:

"I want to thank Michael Berger for creating this resource. Similarly, I asked my Raymond James investment advisor about resources for investing in the Cannabis industry. I was given this website, among others. Out of all the resources I was given, Technical420 without a doubt provides the most thorough and non-biased information on marijuana stocks and the cannabis industry.  " Kai
"The Cannabis industry has arrived. As with any new and exciting industry one will undoubtedly run into companies that provide misleading information and claim to be leaders in the industry.  With these predators out there, one needs a guardian. For me, that guardian is Technical 420. They are, hands down, the best source of information for seasoned and amateur supporters of this up and coming industry. They don't just report the news, they hunt it down, conduct the analysis and report the findings honestly and accurately to their members." Bryan
"In the crazy world of cannabis stocks, I've found Techincal420's advice knowledge and invaluable.  Techincal420's team does a great job researching companies which helps me concentrate on the right companies.  " Paul
"Michael is a wiz when it comes to the stock market. I came to Technical420 without any investment experience and Michael essentially tutored me and explained how everything works and why it works in the fashion it does. When it comes to the marijuana industry there is no one better. His cutting edge approach to this promising, yet opaque market is second to none. I would unquestionably recommend him to anyone who wants to learn about the marijuana stock industry." Nimzjab
"I read about technical 420 a couple months ago on a CNBC article... I was thrilled about Michael Berger's idea of covering this seed-stage market since day one. Personally, I think the article undersold the value that Michael provides his subscribers. Michael is able to find value in an opaque market and rely that information in a way that is easy to understand and act on.  If you want to invest in cannabis stocks, Technical420 is the place to go!" Eraldo