Intellectual Property Is A Key Metric When Valuing Cannabis Companies

Cannabis stocks continue to be one of the hottest places to invest as it continues to be the fastest growing industry in the world.

Although investing in the cannabis industry might be an easy decision for some, many U.S. investors are still cautious since cannabis is still considered to be illegal at the Federal level.  

Future Farm Hits Major Milestone With Initial Sale Of Cannabis Extracts

Future Farm Technologies Inc. (CSEFFT)(OTCQBFFRMF) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary FFM Consulting Services, LLC has completed the first cannabis oil sale out of the previously announced California oil extraction facility and is currently in discussions with large distributors whom are requesting pricing on 2,500 kilos of cannabis oil per year.

420: A History Lesson

For years, people have speculated about the true meaning of 420 and some of the popular myths are quite farfetched.

420 is not the police code for cannabis, it is not anyone’s birthday, and it is certainly not the number of chemical compounds found in cannabis.

Like every great story, this one starts with a group of high school friends looking for a way to get high after school and stay under the radar of teachers and parents.

DHS Chief: Marijuana is Not a Factor in the Drug War

Despite favorable state-wide election results, concerns among cannabis investors have increased following recent commentary from the newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

So far, the White House administration has not provided much assurance to legal cannabis businesses and this has increased the level of uncertainty when it comes to the fate of the United States cannabis industry.

Earnings Report: SRNA, TRTC, GRWG

The cannabis sector is in the middle of earnings season and several leading cannabis companies have reported results that show significant growth on a year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter basis.

The cannabis sector is the fastest growing industry in the world and we want to highlight three sets of earnings released by United States cannabis companies.

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