Governor Christ Christie to Crack Down on Legal Marijuana if he is President

New Jersey Governor Christ Christie is at it again. On Tuesday, Christie said that if he is elected president he will crack down on states that ended prohibition on marijuana. When Christie was asked if he would enforce federal drug laws in states that have legalized and regulated cannabis, Christie said that he would crack down and not permit it.

Marijuana tax revenue is blood money?

Pro-Marijuana Senator Rand Paul Will Run For President in 2016

Today, Republican Senator Rand Paul (Ky.) announced that he will be running for president in the 2016 election. Senator Paul is poised to become the first presidential candidate from either party to make marijuana reform a significant campaign issue.

Senator Paul has been a major voice behind the marijuana movement. He has argued that states should be allowed to adopt their own marijuana policies without the fear of federal interference.

Governor Christie Thinks Marijuana Tax Revenue Is Blood Money

New Jersey Governor Christ Christie was once considered to be a potential presidential contender. That time, however, appears to have come and gone. Christie made headlines in September 2013 after he was reported to be responsible for closing access lanes on the George Washington Bridge. Christie was eventually exonerated from charges associated with “Bridgegate” and is now focused on halting marijuana progress in New Jersey.  

Marijuana tax revenue is blood money?

The Divide Between Republicans and Democrats on Marijuana Politics is Narrowing

President Barack Obama recently stated that the divide between Republicans and Democrats on marijuana politics is narrowing. He went on to say that he is encouraged by recent developments because liberal Democrats are no longer the only supporters of legal marijuana. Conservative Republicans have come on board too. He is optimistic that we will soon see marijuana reclassified to a less restrictive Schedule.

Texas Lawmakers Introduce Legislation That Allow Patients Access To Medical Marijuana

Although support for easing medical marijuana regulations has grown significantly over the last two years, there are still some doubters. Recent developments out of Texas may turn some of the remaining skeptics into believers.

On Friday, Texas lawmakers introduced legislation that would allow patients suffering from serious conditions, such as cancer and seizure disorders, access to medical marijuana as long as they get a doctor's prescription.

Another Day, Another New Marijuana Conference

It seems like every day there is a new marijuana convention being promoted somewhere around the country. The emergence of legal marijuana has led to the convention industry becoming very saturated. This has led to many attendees and companies feeling let down when they have left the convention. I know this because I have attended several cannabis conferences (over 10) during the last year. My experiences at these conventions has been mixed. Some of them were great. Some of them were not.