Washington State Lawmakers Working to Expand the State's Marijuana Market

Washington State is doing everything it can to get its legal marijuana program up and running. Although the state legalized recreational marijuana more than two years ago, more than 100 cities have passed legislation that prevents legal marijuana businesses from opening up.

Lawmakers may have found a solution

Governor of Illinois Distributes Permits to Grow and Sell Medical Marijuana

The Republican Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, surprised a lot of people on Monday when his administration distributed permits to companies that allow them to grow and sell medical marijuana. This move comes one week after Governor Rauner said that licenses would not be issued until a legal review of the process was completed.

Obama pulls a fast one on the Republicans trying to block marijuana legalization in D.C

President Barack Obama may have pulled a fast one on the congressional Republicans that are trying to block marijuana legalization in the District of Columbia. President Obama did this by simply adding the word "federal" to his budget proposal. The addition of the word would allow the city government to move ahead with local laws regulating and taxing recreational marijuana.

Illinois announces who can grow and sell marijuana

On Monday, Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration announced who would be allowed to grow and sell medical marijuana in Illinois. The governor’s general counsel awarded 18 licenses to growers and 52 of the 60 selling licenses.

Many people were concerned about the outlook of Illinois’ cannabis market after the former Gov. Pat Quinn left office without awarding the licenses.

Technical420 wanted to highlight a few of the companies that were awarded licenses.

Israel: A World Leader in Scientific Research Focused on Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has not only been a hot topic in the United States but in other countries as well. Israel began to research the medical uses of marijuana 50 years ago and is now a world leader in the field. Investors have begun to express interest in their “botanical high-tech” medical cannabis industry.

First Native American Marijuana Conference Coming to Seattle in February

Earlier this week Technical420 put out an article about the first Native American tribe to cross the proverbial “green” tape and announce that they would be taking the Department of Justice up on its offer and start growing and selling medical marijuana on their tribal lands in California. This was just the beginning.

Nevada's Medical Marijuana Market is Ready to Boom

The Green Age is coming to Nevada and the state that is known for its involvement in “sin” industries is ready for the market to open. Demand for medical marijuana has been growing at a rapid rate as dispensaries get ready to open this year. Total demand for medical marijuana in Nevada is expected to double this year and dispensary owners could not be happier.