Rest In Peace Hugh Hefner, A Passionate Marijuana Advocate

Political Analyst – Derek Thomas

As passionate cannabis enthusiasts, we should always pay homage to those whom came before us that were fighting for our right to treat patients medically and enjoy marijuana recreationally.

Hugh Hefner is one of these cannabis trail blazers that deserves to be remembered for his incredible work.

These 3 Cannabis Stocks Should Be On Your Watchlist

The Canadian cannabis market remains one of the most attractive places to invest and we have recently seen a significant increase in company activity.

With the country preparing to legalize recreational marijuana before July 1, 2018, we are not surprised by the increased activity and believe it has created a great opportunity for investors.

Today, we have highlighted three company developments that we believe investors need to take note of.

Fall Harvest Means Cannabis Testing Laboratories Running at Full Capacity

EVIO Labs across the country prepare for farmers bounty.

Author – Kaylei Conor @kayleiconor

September means football season for fans who love the NFL and NCAA, and it also means back to school for millions of college students. In recent years, September has also come to mean that it’s harvest season for the nation’s newest legal cash crops: Cannabis.

Canadian LP's And Biotech Present Hot Opportunities For Investors

2017 has been a major year for the legal marijuana industry highlighted by new countries legalizing medical marijuana, a burgeoning Canadian market, and a confusing landscape in the United States.

We continue to view the legal marijuana industry as one of the top places to invest. The industry is the fastest growing in the world and it offers investors access to investment opportunities that are levered to this growth.

13 Cannabis Stocks Investors Should Be Looking At Instead Of Rocky Mountain Brands

While the legal marijuana industry offers investors a lot of attractive investment opportunities, it also offers a lot of risk.

Investors must be selective if they want to capitalize on this burgeoning industry and focus on companies that are executing on business initiatives, well capitalized, and led by a management that is focused on creating value for company shareholders.

3 Overbought Canadian LP's To Watch

Canadian licensed medical marijuana producers were under pressure yesterday and we are monitoring how this trend continues today.

Although we have been favorable on this rally, we expressed some of our near-term concerns earlier this week as these stocks were trading at very overbought levels.

Following yesterday’s pullback, several medical marijuana producers under our coverage are no longer trading at overbought levels and we are favorable on this dip.

Reliq Health: An Execution Story

Reliq Health Technologies (RHT.V) (RQHTF) has been nothing short of an execution story and we have been calling for this all year.

Today, Reliq announced that it has received the first payment of $200,000 from NextGen Applications LLC of San Antonio, Texas. This payment is part of the contract between the two companies and the contract has a total value of $1.22 million (USD).