3 Canadian Cannabis Updates That Will Send Shares Higher

Canadian marijuana stocks have been on fire and this rally has shown no signs of slowing down.

The recent rally has taken place on strong trading volume and we are very favorable on this. One of the biggest changes from the first quarter to the second and third quarters of this year was trading volume. Although this metric was consistently increasing in the early months of 2017, it started to drop off in March/April.

The Most Significant Cannabis Bill Of 2017

Political Analyst – Derek Thomas

Sen. Cory Booker, a democrat from New Jersey, has introduced a Hail Mary of a bill that, if passed, would actually incentivize states to legalize marijuana. In total, the bill would remove cannabis from the drug schedule completely, encourage states to legalize it, punish states that don’t, and work to fix some of the past injustices done to Americans over marijuana possession and other marijuana charges.

3 Canadian LP Earnings Reports You Must Read

Earnings season has started to heat up and marijuana stock investors have a lot to catch up on this morning.

After the market closed yesterday, licensed medical marijuana producers Cronos Group and Emblem Corp. reported earnings and we have provided a recap on these results. We have also provided an update on CannTrust after the company reported strong numbers yesterday.

Cronos Group: Revenue Grew 25% Over the Prior Quarter

3 Biotech Stocks Leading The Cannabis Boom

Although the growing and selling of marijuana remains the sexiest opportunity in the legal medical marijuana industry, we continue to see the most potential on the biotech side of the industry.

Biotech companies focused on medical marijuana possess the greatest upside potential as they work to develop treatments derived from marijuana, which can be used to improve daily life for millions of people throughout the world.

3 Canadian Cannabis Stock Updates To Start Your Trading Week

Although the legal marijuana industry continues to attract new investors, many do not have access to the information they need to make educated investment decisions.

While we are favorable on the legal marijuana market in the United States, we feel more secure investing in countries where the government has made the cultivation and selling of medical marijuana legal.

Cannabis Prices In Nevada Are Up 200% And These Companies Are Set To Capitalize

Demand for recreational marijuana in Nevada has been much higher than expected and the state is still facing a supply shortage.

While this shortage has been a headache for dispensary owners and cultivators, these companies have seen a 200% increase in the price of marijuana in just one month.

Nevada’s Recreational Market Faces a New Issue