Doom or Gloom for Cannabis? Why 2017 Can be the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Will Canadian cannabis stocks remain under pressure following the release of information related to product recalls or will this weakness provide investors with the best buying opportunity of 2017?

Late last week, The Globe and Mail published an article on the discovery of Myclobutanil, a controversial pesticide found in in products sold by Mettrum Ltd. (MT.V), a federally licensed medical cannabis producer.

What is Myclobutanil?

Biotech Beneficiaries of the Legal Cannabis Movement

The biotech sector differs from other sectors of the market in the sense that it is the only industry where earnings are not the most important event for companies.

Unlike other sectors, the biotech sector trades on FDA results, not earnings; and favorable results can serve as a major catalyst for the company and send the price of the company’s stock considerably higher.

Biotech Beneficiaries