7 Stocks To Watch After Jeff Sessions Puts The Cannabis Industry On Notice

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions put the legal marijuana industry on notice after saying that he would rescind a policy that protected marijuana businesses in states where it is legal. While this development is concerning, Sessions’ decision was criticized by several high-profile Republican lawmakers.

Did Jeff Sessions Just Say Something Pro-Cannabis?!?

Although Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no friend of the marijuana industry, in his recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee the Attorney General presented a different tone.

While speaking before the committee yesterday, Sessions said he wants to see more competition among medical marijuana growers who supply the plant to researchers. 

The DOJ has been Preventing the DEA from Researching Cannabis

Trump and Sessions Break Up – Good for Cannabis?

Derek Thomas - Political Analyst

For marijuana enthusiasts, Sessions is the most hated man in the Trump camp. But could the tides be turning in their favor?

Recent leaks from within the White House, as well as mainstream reporting, reveal tension levels between Trump and Sessions are at an all-time high. While the tension itself does not have anything to do with marijuana, it could certainly have positive implications for our favorite plant.