Rest In Peace Hugh Hefner, A Passionate Marijuana Advocate

Political Analyst – Derek Thomas

As passionate cannabis enthusiasts, we should always pay homage to those whom came before us that were fighting for our right to treat patients medically and enjoy marijuana recreationally.

Hugh Hefner is one of these cannabis trail blazers that deserves to be remembered for his incredible work.

Six Republicans and Six Democrats Re-Introduce Respect State Marijuana Laws Act

Six Congressional Republicans and six Democratic co-sponsors re-introduced the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act. The legislation was submitted in 2013 and it would amend the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) by giving states the freedom to develop their own marijuana policies. The bipartisan bill would effectively end the federal war on marijuana in states that have legalized it.

DEA Chief Resigns Due to Sex Scandal

Michele Leonhart has been the chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) since 2007. The cannabis industry has not witnessed any positive developments under her watch. Leonhart’s reign, however, is over.

According to reports, Leonhart will resign following an alleged sex scandal involving DEA agents under her watch. Marijuana advocates hope that her departure will pave the way for more relaxed drug policies under the Obama administration.