21 Stocks On The Move Following The California Recreational Rally

The cannabis sector surged higher yesterday and the market responded very favorably to the opening of California’s recreational marijuana market.

If you look at how the cannabis sector performed the months after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, there is a lot to be excited about. While we hope to see a rally like what we saw in January 2014, the cannabis sector has changed a lot since then.

Legal Marijuana: Green is the New Gold 

EVIO Labs Looks To Capitalize On Increasing Demand For Lab Testing

Demand for legal marijuana continues to increase as new markets open and existing markets expand. This trend is just getting started and has created countless opportunities for ancillary businesses.

As the marijuana industry in the United States continues to expand, the need for lab testing services will continue to increase.

This need has created a significant opportunity for companies and we are favorable on this vertical of the legal marijuana industry.

9 Stocks to Benefit from the Canopy Growth and Constellation Brands Agreement

Canopy Growth (WEED.TO) (TWMJF) has once again changed the landscape of the legal cannabis industry…

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported an investment by Constellation Brands (STZ: NYSE) into the Canadian licensed cannabis producer. Constellation will acquire 9.9% of Canopy Growth for $245 million (CAD) and has an option to increase the stake to 20%.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB.TO) (ACBFF) Halted...What is Coming Next?!?

Trading in Aurora Cannabis (ACB.TO) (ACBFF) has been halted ahead of the market opening this morning and many investors are keeping an eye on what comes next.

Over the last year, Aurora has made some significant announcements and investments so it is not surprising that this halt is exciting.

An International Play with a War Chest of Cash

5 Canadian LPs Capitalizing on the Global Cannabis Opportunity

From Canada to Germany, the legal cannabis market continues to be one of the most attractive investment opportunities.

The legalization trend throughout the world has created significant opportunities for companies levered to the growth of this industry and we highlighted five companies that are leading this charge.  

Five Cannabis Firms Leading the Global Movement

The DEA Wants To Study The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis, But The DOJ Is Stonewalling Them

Although CNN reported that a study found little evidence that marijuana helps treat chronic pain and PTSD, we beg to differ…

Two studies published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that there was little scientific evidence to support either the effectiveness or safety of medical marijuana.

If Marijuana is Dangerous, Opioids are Nuclear

Will John McCain Turn To Medical Marijuana?

Despite your opinion on John McCain’s policies, no one can deny he is an American hero and a dedicated public servant. He is one of the few politicians left that serves with conviction (I still remember his town hall where he quickly and genuinely shot down a woman who was charging Obama with being a Muslim). His selfless actions while a prisoner of war further speak to his mental fortitude and consideration for others.

India Globalization Capital Is Taking On Alzheimers

India Globalization Capital (IGC) is tackling one the country’s most costly diseases, Alzheimers Disease, the company has recently entered a definitive license agreement with the University of South Florida (USF). Under the agreement, IGC is the exclusive licensee of the U.S. patent filing entitled, THC as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Christmas Came Early For Pennsylvania MMJ Applicants

Although the new White House administration is clearly not a pro-marijuana regime like its predecessor, state initiatives continue to progress as the medical benefits associated with marijuana are impossible to ignore. 

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health issued 12 permits for medical marijuana cultivators. The companies issued a permit have six months to become operational before they can start growing medical marijuana.