Cannabis Earnings Season: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. (BLPG)

Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. provides armed protection, financial solutions, logistics and compliance services for businesses engaged in the legal cannabis industry.  In March 2015, BLPG’s Nevada subsidiary, BLPG, Inc., was granted licenses to provide its suite of protection, transportation and compliance services within the state.

Financial results

Gold Rush Part 2: A Great Time To Be In The Picks and Shovels Business

During the gold rush most people did not make their fortunes mining for gold. The real winners during the gold rush were the people, like Samuel Brannan and Levi Strauss, selling the ancillary products to the gold miners (i.e. picks, shovels, clothing, etc.). There are many ancillary businesses are trying to capitalize on the green rush in Colorado. Today we are going to highlight some of the publicly traded cannabis companies focusing on the rapidly developing ancillary industry.