Integrated Cannabis Company, Inc. Enters into Licensing Agreement for Cannabidiol (CBD) Gummy Formulation

Integrated Cannabis Company, Inc. (CSE: ICAN, OTCQB: ICNAF), is pleased to announce an agreement to license Cannabidiol (CBD) formulated gummies. 

Integrated Cannabis plans to begin distributing CBD-based gummies through its contract manufacturer, Titration Technologies, in Phoenix, Arizona.  Each gummy will contain 10mg of CBD - the non-psychoactive component of cannabis - and will be 100% vegan, utilizing all natural ingredients.

This Is Why You Need To Be Watching These 5 Canadian Cannabis Stocks

Canadian cannabis companies continue to be one of the most attractive opportunities as investors aim to capitalize on this burgeoning growth opportunity.

We have been bullish on this sector for the last two years and our conviction level remains high as growth prospects look attractive for the coming years. The opportunity many of these cannabis producers are focused on is much bigger than just Canada and we are targeting companies focused on the global marijuana market.

A Consumers Guide To Extraction Methods

Political Analyst – Derek Thomas

The health and medical implications of the rapidly growing CBD market are astonishing. As the industry continues to grow, it’s important to understand one of the most important processes in the CBD industry: extraction.

With so many methods of extraction of many different compounds and endless supply of supposed information, which extraction methods are superior and why?

Isodiol Launches IsoLabs To Enter THC-Only Verticals

The last month has been very busy for the legal cannabis industry as well as its constituents.

Isodiol International Inc. (ISOL.CN) (ISOLF) is one company we have been watching closely as the company continues to execute and advance its story.

Earlier this month, Isodiol launched its new Phytoceutical Division which will focus on cannabinoids and terpenes derived from non-cannabis sources.

The Hemp Oil Industry Is Booming And This Company Is Positioned To Capitalize

The explosive growth of natural remedies for health and cooking combined with the skyrocketing cannabis industry has caused the CBD and Hemp oil industries to become staple products in many Americans lives. Like many emerging industries, there is some confusion about these products. And like many emerging industries, there are some snake oil salesman purposefully praying on the confusion and lack of regulation.

What are the differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

Isodiol Report Stellar Sales Numbers With Zero Signs Of Slowing Down

The global cannabis industry continues to expand and this has created new opportunities for companies levered to this opportunity.

Over the last two years, we have learned a lot about the cannabis plant and the medical benefits associated with marijuana. During this time, a chemical compound found in the plant, Cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the best known chemical compounds and this is primarily due to its medical benefits.

Cannabis is a Miracle Plant With the Ability to Change Lives

From Israel to the United States, the number of studies on the medical benefits of cannabis continues to increase and to provide exciting results.

The cannabis plant has over 100 known chemical compounds but the two best known are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Although CBD has a much shorter history than THC, recent research studies have significantly increased our understanding of its medical benefits and its popularity continues to grow.

Fortunes are Made in the "Pick & Shovels" of the Industry

Although the opportunity to invest on the ground floor of an industry poised for decades of incremental growth is very rare, the cannabis industry offers investors this opportunity.

Investors have already profited millions upon millions from cannabis investments and the game has not even started. The United States cannabis industry is already a multi-billion-dollar industry and is not even in the first inning of what will be a multi-decade growth cycle