3 Companies Capitalizing on the Nevada GreenRush

After Nevada voters passed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in the November elections, the state became the fifth state to allow for such sales when the market opened on July 1st.

The media was all over this event and several news outlets said that many of the 44 licensed retail outlets had customers lined up around the corner.

Congratulations On Rolling Out Recreational Cannabis Nevada

Recreational marijuana is coming to Sin City…

Starting tomorrow, you can purchase recreational marijuana in Nevada and Las Vegas based marijuana firms have reason to rejoice.

After Nevada voters approved a measure to legalize recreational marijuana in the November 2016 elections, the state will become the fifth state with an operational recreational cannabis market.

Insider Selling Continues to Raise a Red Flag for Investors

Although the cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, investors need to be selective and conduct thorough due diligence before investing.

When it comes to the cannabis industry, it all starts with the management team and it is important than ever to know who you are investing in. The emergence of the cannabis industry has led to an influx in the number of publicly traded companies focused on this incredible growth sector.

Cannabis Products a Bright Spot for Terra Tech' Second Quarter

Terra Tech (TRTC) reported financial results for the second quarter and the company saw significant growth from a revenue perspective on a year-over-year basis.

Although we are favorable on this top-line growth, a majority of this revenue was generated by its Edible Garden subsidiary which has a very low gross margin.

Cannabis Products…A Margin Story

DEA to Legalize Cannabis? Stocks to Buy

2016 has already been a monumental year for the medical cannabis industry as three separate Phase 3 clinical studies focused on products derived from cannabis have yielded positive results. At this time, we may see a watershed event that will profoundly impact the industry.

The DEA and FDA classify cannabis as a Schedule I substance, which places it in the same category as heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and peyote.

Data Disagrees with DEA

5 Cannabis Stocks Levered to the Presidential Election

2016 has been a year to remember for the cannabis sector and we are not even at the midway point yet. We want to highlight five cannabis stocks that have consistently appeared on our radar screen this year.

We encourage you to do your own due diligence and research the stocks featured in this article before investing in them. Read through this carefully as we highlight stocks we recommend, as well as stocks we think you should avoid.