Dixie Brands subsidiary Aceso launches new CBD-infused dissolvable tablets and topical cream targeting broad consumer retail distribution

Dixie Brands Inc. (CSE: DIXI.U), one of the cannabis industry's leading consumer packaged goods companies, has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Aceso Wellness, LLC. is expanding its line-up of hemp-infused wellness products. Aceso is launching a line of dissolvable drink tablets and entering the topicals category with a new balm. The products include cannabidiol (CBD) as well as other natural ingredients to promote specific health and wellness benefits.

TransCanna Holdings Provides Investors Exposure To The Picks and Shovels Of The Cannabis Industry

During the last year, we have been laser focused on the California cannabis opportunity and have been closely monitoring this burgeoning market.

Demand for cannabis products continues to increase and California is the world’s largest cannabis market. The opportunities for companies in this multi-billion-dollar cannabis market are significant and we have focused on finding businesses that have been benefiting from the growth of this industry.